What is the difference between a 911 address and a mailing address?  Unless you have a post office box, then nothing.  Your 911 address and your mailing address should be the same address.  Even if you do not receive mail at your home (such as a seasonal home), it’s still important to know your 911 address.

The post office used to have rural routes all over Crawford County, after 1995/96 when 911 addressing was assigned, they adopted the 911 addresses for use with the mail.  So unless you use a post office mailbox, your 911 address serves a dual purpose as a mailing address as well.

In the event of an emergency, you should call 911.  The first question they will ask you is, “what is the address of your emergency”.  This is important to locate you among all of the other homes/businesses in the county.  For example, there is a variation of “Main St” in 15 out of the 51 municipalities in Crawford County.  So the address number, road name, and municipality will also be requested when you call 911.

The next step, is locating you on a map, when the dispatcher enters this information into the CAD (Computer aided dispatch) system, it will plot your 911 address on the map.  If you give a bad 911 address, it will take the dispatcher additional time to locate you before they can send help!

Once you are located, the dispatcher on the phone will continue to give/receive information with you, and then another dispatcher will begin contacting emergency services over the radio to assist you.  This is another important step in a quick response.

Posting your 911 address is very important for the fire/ems/rescue/police field responders to find you.  As many of you are aware, GPS units are useful in getting near a location, but they are not always 100% accurate.  By posting your 911 address, you will be able to provide the field responders a confirmation that they are at the correct house.  Please check with your local municipality for requirements on 911 address posting.  Be sure when you post your 911 address it’s clear and concise!  If your mailbox has the number on it, but it’s with a group of other mailboxes, it can be difficult to identify the correct home, unless it’s also posted at the building as well.

Addresses are generally assigned for the numbers to grow larger as the road travels east or north.  Additionally, odd numbers should be on the opposite side of the road from the even numbers.  These standards also help field responders find your location in the event of an emergency.  If you are unsure about your 911 address, or if you believe it to be incorrect, based on the ones around you, please contact the 911 addressing office at 814-724-2562 or gisaddressing@co.crawford.pa.us immediately for assistance.

Your address can also be located, with much more information as well, at our interactive website:


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